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A beautiful colonial style house has been preserved carefully by several generations of batik trade center families. This is Tjokrosoemarto Batik family’s house (Ndalem Tjokrosoemartan), one of the pioneers and exporters Indonesia, Solo. A historical heritage plays an important role during the war of independence of Indonesia and therefore respected by the first President of Indonesia, Soekarno . Feel the sensation of lunch and dinner with a javanese classic atmosphere on Ndalem Tjokrosoemartan





Steam loco Jaladara or that called Sepur Kluthuk Jaladara has crossed on the railway of Surakarta since September 27th, 2009, which was inaugurated by the Minister of Transportation Mr. Jusman Syafei’i Djamal with the Governor of Central Java Mr. Bibit Waluyo and the Mayor of Solo city Mr. Joko Widodo in Loji Gandrung, government official’s house of the Mayor of Solo. One series of steam loco consist of a C 1218 series and two series of passenger carriages, TR 144 and TR 16. The locomotive of Jaladara steam loco is made in Germany in 1896, drawn from Palagan Ambarawa Museum, while the carriages from Magelang and Bandung.

The inauguration of Surakarta tourism steam loco was very lively, the railway coach were decorated with a batik cloth and wrapped with black cloth, the launch of the steam loco marked by breaking of a jug by the Minister of Transportation and accompanied by the Mayor and the vice mayor of Solo, witnessed by thousand of Solo society.

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